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The Voice Afrique Francophone 2020 Auditions and Registration start soon.

VoxAfrica is pleased bto announce that The Voice Afrique Francophone is back for its third season. The four-time Emmy Award-winning hit musical competition, The Voice, returns to VoxAfrica this October!

Season 3 of The Voice Afrique will usher in some changes, surprises and incredible performances.

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What we can do with Wakanda messenger?

  • 01 Simple, Reliable,Messaging
  • 02 groups to keep in touch
  • 03 keep the conversation going
  • 04 speak freely
  • 05 Wakanda Today
  • 06 Posts
  • 07 Digital Wallet
  • 08 discover and earn money
  • 09 one2one
  • 10 security by default
  • 11 banking made easy
  • 12 Discover
  • 13 Live Video
  • 14 E-Shop

In line with our vision of making the management of funds easy, we have set in place diverse accounts.


As a user, upon your registration, you will be automatically given a silver account. Through it you can receive or send money on your wallet. The transaction limit of this account is $250 per month. Also, KYC is not needed.


If you get unsatisfied with the standard account, then you can upgrade to a silver account. The limit on this account is $10,000 per month.


This account has no balance restriction, and it is reserved for only corporate customers. The account also permits larger bank transfer volumes.

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01 Discover

Enable users to create or search a Discover Channel in the preselected category.

Wakanda is one social network that enables you to create diverse types of channels such as fundraising channel, paid channel, and information channel. Through such channels, you can raise funds for charity or any cause, or you can use them to provide promotions and news.

02 One2One

One2One Enable users to submit or apply task rabbit or submit/find freelance work.

At Wakanda, we understand that there are a lot of talented individuals in the gig economy, and so we have created a market place that gives every Wakanda messenger user unlimited access to the gig economy. By this, we change the lives of millions of individuals, and we create a positive impact socially. Some of the available services are home rentals, baby sitter, cleaner, handyman, food, carpenter, delivery, grocery etc. These services are available for as low as 1%. Finally, all that service providers have to do the start earning incomes is just to subscribe to the jobs that they are qualified for.


03 Digital Wallet.

Take control of your finances. With just one app. Digital Wallet and budgeting in one simple app. With a physical card.

At Wakanda speedy transfer of funds has been made possible. Our social network has a digital wallet that lets you receive payment from other members and also send cash to other members. What's more, you can conduct diverse transactions like money transfer to friends and family members mobile money account, bank transfers anywhere, or funds transfer through the international payment card in your wallet.

Choose you accounts which meet your needs.

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At Wakanda messenger, we aim to be a social network through which family, friends and Africans at large can unite and interact at no cost. So, if you desire to be a part of our Wakanda community, you as an individual can download the app, sign up, and start your community now! It’s a chance for you to build and effectively manage your interactions with millions of other members.If you are a community manager, then you can effortlessly have access to your community engagement and growth.

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